At Physics of Fitness, we understand that each person’s fitness needs are different. We pride ourselves on creating custom training programs tailored to each individual's needs. This doesn’t just create a better workout experience for our members – it also produces better fitness results. But don’t take our word for it – see what our members have to say:

Whether trying to look good for an upcoming vacation, special event, or just want to look and feel good, Patrick is THE guy!  You set your goals together, and you achieve them together.  And that’s one of the many things I like about Patrick- he’s in it with you.  He brags and takes pride at  how good his clients look.  He’s encouraging and very determined to get you where you want to be both physically and in wellness.  Patrick is also flexible.  Like most females, we’re often changing our minds about what we want, what we don’t want; how we want to look, how we don’t want to look; what we want to eat, what we don’t want to eat, and Patrick is great at adjusting and altering meal plans and exercises to fit your specific needs at the time.  I have learned A LOT working with Patrick for over three years.  He truly knows what he’s doing, and I’ve experienced that in not only myself, but with others in his gym as well!


- Asia B.

I came to Physics of Fitness as a new mom, looking for some help to get rid of the baby weight. Over the years I have tried serval diets and tried out various gyms, but nothing ever stuck. I always found myself hungry, tired, and getting injuries from improper nutrition, form etc. The owner, Patrick helped me achieve my goals and more through a personal training program. He is accommodating and always willing to help with recipes, at home workouts, etc…plus he makes the BEST protein shakes/ smoothies. I always feel comfortable at POF due to the private gym aspect, it is much less crowded and the other members there are always kind and happy to see me, and even my son when he tags along! I recommend the facility to everyone- especially those with anxiety about the gym, and people who need some help getting started on their fitness journey!

- Cecilia J.

Not everyone walks into the gym with the same goals. Would I like to lose weight? Of course. But my main goal is to be able to take care of my husband when the time comes. To be able to lift him on my own when his body begins to betray him. Thats where Patrick comes in. He has helped strengthen my muscles so I can keep up with my 10 hour a day, extremely physical job and still be able to hit goals in the gym. He has done his research on Huntingtons disease to help me physically become ready to take care of my husband and hold a very labor intensive job without falling asleep every time I sit down for q few minutes.. He invests in each client to the point he discovered my low iron and now that thats been fixed, its game on. Its it easy? Of course not. You have to put in the work. Patrick gives you the tools you need to succeed and the support system. If you need tough love or things to
be sugar coated, he adjusts his approach to you individually. His professionalism and fully equipped gym make Physics of Fitness a very welcoming environment. A place that feels like an escape, even if just temporarily. He takes anger and pain and harnesses into power to achieve your goals. The scale may not have moved but my body has gone through a major body recomposition. The pictures speak for themselves. What looks like a 50+ pound weight loss is a difference of 4 pounds. 4. Now we’re reworking my nutrition to hit those scale goals. Down .7% body fat in a week! If you’re ready to put in the work, Patrick and his gym will give you everything you need to succeed. The rest of us will be here hitting our goals and lending a hand or an emotional support system if you need it!

- Lori C.

My name is Kali and I met Patrick the day after my 29th birthday.

I remember walking up a few flights of stairs, at 28, and being out of breath. No one was around, no one saw but I was embarrassed at myself for that fact. I decided I was going to join a gym – my birthday present to myself- and damnit I was going to feel better about myself by 30. That was my goal.

When I signed up, I was told I got a consult just for joining and could sign up for a personal trainer from there if I wanted. I was skeptical (I’ve worked in sales, I know a pitch when I hear one!) but I decided I could always say “No” after so I was scheduled to meet with a trainer. That was, of course, Patrick. That lead to three years of training with him – from that gym to another and finally his own space.

The level of education along with the training is what I have always so appreciated from working with Patrick. I learned what muscles I was working and *why*. I learned diet and keeping track of your food intake was 70% of the battle. I learned, through the pregnancy of my first child, what exercise is safe – and that it’s still super important for that time in life.

I gained confidence in myself I never had before because I learned I am actually very strong. I found something I am PROUD of about myself. I needed direction and guidance, and was given those in a safe, educational but no nonsense environment.

Show up, do the work, and Patrick will move heaven and earth to help you reach your goal – whatever that is for you.

- Kati L.

I met Patrick back in 2015; it was a total coincidence or the luck of draw! I had signed up to meet with a personal trainer at the gym where Patrick worked at the time, and I was assigned to him. I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect, and very doubtful on whether I wanted to do this or not. I had been struggling with my weight and overall physical appearance, for many years. I was always super underweight, and when you are 5’8″; not a good combination! From the very beginning, Patrick was super supportive and understood exactly where I was coming from.  My goals became his, and we worked together towards a common goal. I would lie if I said it was easy because it definitely wasn’t! It was very challenging, but when you have someone as dedicated and professional as Patrick cheering you on, it’s not so bad. Over time I started to see results that I thought weren’t possible. I was able to put on 20lbs of lean muscle and have all the curves that I could have only dreamed of. It was finally having the confidence to wear a dress, but most importantly proving to myself that I CAN! All of a sudden the sore muscles, the sweat, the healthy eating habits, the self-discipline, the commitment– had been well worthwhile. Fun fact: Patrick discovered that I have scoliosis! He referred me to a great chiropractor where I’ve been treated. That just goes to show; this guy goes above and beyond to help his clients. I’ve met very few people who are as passionate about what they do, as he is. I am loyal to Patrick because of everything he’s done for me, I would never go to anyone else. I’ve followed him everywhere he’s gone and am very proud of everything he has accomplished!
Gracias Patrick!!

- Isabel T.

I started at a new gym (Physics of Fitness) in October and with a trainer the end of December. I am down 28 pounds since December. I feel energetic and able to conquer things I never thought was possible. I have done Crossfit WODs for many many years and never felt or looked like this only working out a few months.. let alone in many years. When I first came to Physics of Fitness, I never ever realized what an amazing experience I’d be getting. Another gym, another set of weights that will hurt, another gym owner blah blah blah.. I never stick with things this long because one thing you need to do is.. keep showing up.. I wouldn’t. With Patrick, there was always positive accountability. Once I had a bad day, which there were many, I had no one to push me.. I wouldn’t go. I had no one that was really truely in to me doing my best at the gym and someone that can listen to my bullshit whining with not expressing hate towards me. I have the Gym Owner/Trainer Patrick to thank! As everyone that knows me knows, I am a handful and most can’t handle this.. so far I haven’t been kicked out, which is impressive on his part! I am never comfortable doing things in front of people, I shut down and normally hide in the corner.. so much anxiety. I am healing from that in the gym because of Patrick and everyone that I have met that goes there. It is the most comfortable place, let alone gym, I have ever been. My past has been so negative, I’ve been picked on and made fun of so much in my past that I just refused do new things, but not anymore. Not looking for pitty party just explaining how amazing this gym is and how it’s changed me. If PoF is the only place I can comfortably be myself, I have Patrick 100000000% to thank. I seriously owe him my life. I have never felt this alive and will never be able to thank him as much as I ever would like to because it’s impossible! I’d never have done this without him. I feel he invests in me. I feel he believes in me. I’ve lived life like I have because of people saying.. you can’t do that.. well I’ll show you I can. 19 years of EMS really really messed my head up and I know that will never go away, but when at the gym, it is so much different. Everyone there tells you that you can do it. I have a life at the gym that I’m trying to use in everyday life which is becoming easier and easier to be comfortable in my own skin. I also have 2 others to thank. Emily DeWees has been my ying to her yang coming to the gym almost every single day with me. We push each other when the other feels weak or down. We congratulate each other every day no matter what. Eric Berglund is the last that needs some serious recognition! He has given me the ability to go to the gym everyday and be ok with it (good luck hunting if he didn’t haha).

- Sarah B.

Have you ever wondered where you fit in, or who your people are? Outside of family, where you feel completely comfortable being yourself? I have, but I finally found my place.

A couple years ago I joined a big box gym. They had all the things I wanted and was less than a mile from home. I went for about a month before I just stopped going. I didn’t know anyone, had no motivation and felt awkward when I was there.

Last fall my girlfriend, Sarah Berglund and I decided to join Physics of Fitness, and we haven’t asked ourselves these questions since.

When I joined the gym, I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was always uncomfortable. I didn’t like how I looked, and I would feel winded walking up the steps. I had no motivation to do anything which doesn’t work when you have kids, especially toddlers, and my depression wasn’t the best either.

The owner, Patrick has always been super helpful. I’ve been working with him on my nutrition and have never felt uncomfortable or judged weighing in with him. Patrick has taught me a lot about eating healthy, educating me and not just telling me “do this”. He has taught me how I need to eat to reach my goals based off my body and physical activity. He’s there for any questions I have, and checks in to see how it’s going. Never once have I felt uncomfortable or awkward around Patrick. He really wants to help me reach my goals.

Then there’s Sarah. She is killing her goals and getting ripped. She is pushing me, making sure I show up, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. She helps keep me on track with my eating, helps me reach new PRs and has never once made me feel like I’m less than, even when I can’t keep up. She just pushes me to do my best and reminds me I can always try again another day. We spend hours at the gym together because that is where we feel most comfortable outside our home.

Never once at PoF have I ever felt like I was being judged for my appearance or ability. The other members are friendly, and ask us where we have been if we miss a couple days.

Since joining Physics of Fitness I have reached some awesome goals, a big one is being down 50 lbs. I have also reached several non-scale goals. I can do a strict push-up, and run a mile under 8 min (something I probably haven’t done in over 20 years). I got new PRs on my deadlift, squat clean, box jump, and Murph, can flip a tractor tire, toss a tire over my head and can do a 45 min conditioning workout in a 40 lb vest.

I love my gym!! So thankful to have found my people and my place.

- Emily D.